• Real – not artificial, fraudulent, or illusionary: genuine, not fake, false or artificial
  • Root – the point at which something begins its course or existence, an underlying support, the essential core, to turn over, dig up or discover and bring light

These words popped into my head one day while living away from home in the state of Connecticut and just stuck. For my life in that exact time and over the past few years these 2 words with there each individual meanings made perfect sense and I believe they always will define me even with self growth!

This name truly means a lot to me, and is very close to my heart. 

REAL meaning: not trying to be someone I’m not, real life experiences, real food. ROOTS meaning: my deep roots and love for everything health related, roots that keep growing deeper for the passion I have, roots all over the several different cities and countries I’ve lived in, and most importantly roots that keep me grounded and true to myself.

I am so happy to share this page with you and tidbits of my life through real food recipes, blog posts on health, natural beauty, healthy travel and much more!