Why I got my breast implants REMOVED

First off, I want to state that this is my very first blog post on my site I just started up! This blog will contain posts about food, recipes, health/fitness, natural beauty and travel. Those things are all my truest passions and my life. But, this post I am about to share is my life too, and has been for the past 3 years. Therefore I felt it was necessary to share something about myself that has had a massive effect on my life and health while also being able to educate and spread awareness.

As a health advocate, holistic professional/chef and non-toxic lifestyle preacher, I feel its important to share my journey and story. I am still learning, but slowly realizing that sharing your struggles and mistakes is just as important as sharing your triumphs. Sharing something so personal and private also means opening a door for criticism and judgement, which I am well aware of. This wasn't easy. I thought and hesitated whether or not to even write this let alone post it. I actually wrote this in November and am just posting it now. Even if all this post does is educate one person on this subject, makes one woman get clarity on a major decision, or even if this post helps people to get a better understanding of me and my own personal struggles and battles, then this is all worth it. Please read on about my journey and feel free to comment or reach out!

Why I got them in the first place?

"They are going to change my life." Money, friends, attention, cool jobs.. you name it and I thought it. Kind of sad now that I think about it. I thought 4lb of toxic silicone (and 1000 other toxic substances) filled bags would change my world. These are the things you don’t know when you are 19 years old. I don’t think anything or anyone could have changed my choice at that point of my life. I was 19, living on my own with my boyfriend just outside of chicago. A new city, new lifestyle and had the opportunity to get given perfect, beautiful breast implants by a highly skilled surgeon. What flat chested 19 year old would say no to that? I was studying to be a holistic nutritionist at the time and very conscious of what I put in my body, just like I am now. I guess then, I was just slightly less unaware, since I did let this happen and put my body through such physical and mental damage! My mom begged me not to do it, and must have asked me 1000x if I was sure and if I did my research. I was so sure, I booked for the day before American Thanksgiving 2014 and was so excited. I did my research but definitely not enough. I knew of some side effects but just figured since I ate so well, organic, didn’t smoke or do drugs, barely touched alcohol and knew I’d live a clean lifestyle forever. I thought the negative effects of the implants would be non existent for myself because of how healthy I was and always would be. (BOY was I wrong hahaha.) I listened to everything my surgeon said and figured after the 10 years was up (the recommended duration silicone implants last before needing to be replaced) i'd be done having kids and either take them out and be eu natural, or get them replaced. I planned everything out perfectly in my head and was so ready. Long story short, I had the procedure and everything went well. My surgeon did an amazing job and is highly skilled. To get this straight before reading on, I am not bashing my surgeon. I did not get my implants removed because of his work. That is not the reason why. His work is outstanding and professional.

A few weeks went by and I was still getting adjusted, I was sore and already felt trapped and suffocated in my own body. I cried some nights because I felt just so weird. I had these amazing boobs that I always wanted but they just didn’t feel like me. I felt large, heavy and not myself. I wondered what was wrong with me, why didn't I love them? I wore tight sports bras to smush them down constantly and rarely would 'show them off'. I figured it would go away and that they would grow on me, but it never really happened. Some days I liked them more then others, depended on the outfit, the season or really just my mood. But, I never actually liked them or the way I felt with them. Implants did not do anything I thought they would. My life didn't change, my confidence got worse, my health declined and I felt so trapped in my own body.

-With my beautiful mom and a selfie faking my happiness. I may look happy and some people might 'like this look' but, I felt so insecure in this dress and bikinis. That is how I constantly felt the past 3 years. Heavy, bulky, insecure, not myself and felt like I was constantly being judged by everyone. This was most likely in my own head because the size I got was definitely proportionate to my figure. They were not overly large and looked somewhat natural. Why I am mentioning this is because over the past 3 years I became my own worst enemy. I suffered with depression, anxiety, confidence issues, obsessive thoughts and fears and the list goes on. I am not blaming the implants for this entirely but, they did contribute a great percentage in my case.

Implants aren't sexy 

I had to add this subtitle in right before posting this. Despite to what many people may believe... and I may be the first to tell you this, but, breast implants are NOT sexy. Yeah they look good, feel good, whatever. Coming from someone who lived with them (and keep in mind I am young) in my opinion they are gross. Imagine yourself...

After initial surgery:

  • Waking up from surgery and feeling like a ton of bricks is on your chest (this never goes away)
  • Having to get your boyfriend to go to the bathroom with you for a few days because you literally can't move your arms to even wipe after peeing
  • Having to wear a wrap for 2 months to push them down and let them "settle" because they are basically up to your collarbone
  • Not being able to workout for 2 months
  • Constantly getting colds after surgery because your immune system in SO weak

Living with them:

  • Constantly feeling claustrophobic and suffocated
  • Not being able to sleep on your stomach
  • Getting a massage, lying face down and wondering if the massage therapist notices that both your boobs are completely smushed out the side and basically in your armpit
  • Not being able to do more than maybe 10 pushups because your chest muscles are just so weak.. no matter how hard you train they just won't build back up
  • Having to wear the absolute tightest sports bra to push them down just to continue to wear some of your favourite clothes that you had before implants
  • A list of health problems (next paragraph)

After explanting

  • Having your old original scars cut out and have new ones made to get the implant out
  • Drains (I luckily didn't need them) but look them up, they are painful and miserable from what I've heard
  • Wearing the tightest sports bra you can find and a tensor bandage for 2 months (NO exceptions) to prevent and fluid build up and seromas

None of that is sexy, hot, worth it or normal.


Day after EXPLANT surgery, SO bloated from the meds and in pain. Again, NOT sexy.

The symptoms and connecting all the dots

Even with the research I did prior to implanting I never came across the websites that changed my life and probably saved my life. I didn’t have an explanation for all my unexplained random health issues I had, but finally was able to connect the dots after a yoga injury I experienced in March 2017 that led me to doing further research about the toxic implants I had inside of me. Once I found the website/facebook page



I was shocked and felt sick to my stomach. I finally realized that I had BREAST IMPLANT ILLNESS. My anxiety and panic disorder went through the roof and got really bad. I couldn’t eat, sleep, breath properly or get my mind off of what a terrible thing I had done to myself and my poor body. I wanted these things out now, like in the next 24 hours. I was calling office after office trying to get a consultation with a surgeon that performs explants because most are not trained to do so. (my original plastic surgeon being one) Breast implant illness is real. The body is going to react to any foreign object in the body especially in such a small confined space where nothing is meant to be placed anyway! Some more severe than others and some way worse if an implant ruptures. I am not going to write a whole entire paragraph about it, I really just suggest reading on these sites and finding out some information yourself. Regardless, I am so happy I came across these two sites and the Facebook community.

My symptoms:
Some were definitely more profound than others but over the past 3 years I have experienced all of these to some extent.

  • Heart palpitations
  • Difficulty breathing (since the day of implant I had felt like a ton of bricks had been placed on my chest)
  • Low progesterone/hormone imbalances
  • Loss of period
  • Low sex drive
  • Cold hands and feet constantly
  • Numbness up arms
  • Ear ringing
  • Eye twitches
  • Anxiety/depression
  • Inflammation/bloating
  • Headaches
  • Neck and upper back pain
  • Shoulder rounding
  • Stabbing heart pains
  • Constipation
  • Frequent urination
  • Vertigo
  • Weight gain in arms and chest around implants (this was my body showing protection and defence to the toxic objects)
  • Muscle weakness (in chest) I used to lift way heavier and do “real” pushups on my toes!
  • Dry skin/random rashes
  • Brain fog, trouble concentrating and memory loss (this was one of my MAJOR symptoms)
  • Difficulty swallowing, lump in throat
  • Funny metal taste in mouth

The waiting game

I waited 6 months for a consultation with an amazing Dr in Toronto that was recommended by the BII healing site and FB group. Since OHIP covered the procedure in Canada, the wait times for surgery are much longer than someone paying for the procedure in the US. That 6 months brought me to this past October for a Monday afternoon consultation with her. I explained what I wanted done, cried a lot in her office and ended up booking a way sooner date than I’d thought possible because of a cancellation for October 31st 2017 (aka Halloween🎃) that she had available. I thought, over analyzed and made up every scenario in my head to why I shouldn’t have it done this soon. I wondered if I was making the right choice for myself and my body. Some of the questions I asked myself were: How could I have been so stupid to get myself in this predicament in the first place? Why does she have a cancellation? Is someone else chickening out? Will I have a reaction to the anesthetic? You name it and I thought it. I can't exactly explain how I quieted my thoughts and made my decision to keep the date, but I can say that I made up my mind just a few days before and stuck with it. Sometimes you just have to cancel all of the negative out, look for the positive and take a leap of faith. My gut is usually pretty good at giving me a bad feeling when I know something is not right, and this wasn't the case. I had a sense of calm come over me the day before and knew that this was exactly what I wanted and everything was going to be okay. I was also lucky enough to have support from my family and some really close people in my life that helped me choose the best possible decision.

Explant day

If you've ever had surgery you know that you are at the hospital hours before your actual procedure. This definitely does not help your nerves! I was prepped and ready to go in my gown and compression stockings two hours before my surgery. When the time came I was wheeled in and spoke with the anesthesiologist, my surgeon and nurses. They marked me, told me exactly what was going to happen and went over everything. Before I knew it I was asleep and then awake in the recovery room. I woke up in a panic, a little confused and could not physically stop jittering and shaking. I was shaking for a while and they ended up having to give me something through the IV to stop it. My mom was there through everything and eventually helped me become more relaxed. After the anesthetic and my emotions calmed down I was so relieved and happy. You can definitely see that by my picture below and the look on my face! Pain wise I was fine. Definitely in pain, but it was bearable. I have an extremely high pain tolerance and will NOT take any medications unless mandatory s0, I suffered through. The first night was extremely uncomfortable and difficult but I slept 8 hours, After that first night my pain only got better, not worse. For one week after the surgery I let my body heal naturally through real whole food eating and rest. I then started up a protocol of vitamins and supplements that I will be explaining below. In addition, an anti fungal diet regimen that I pretty much follow normally but a few things I do occasionally eat will be kicked to the curb for a couple months 🙂 read below!

Detoxing, supplements and diet

My favourite part of this post, anything related to food and natural supplements lol. Lets begin! So, as I stated above, I gave my body a full week to heal on its own. This means absolutely no supplements, (except a probiotic) no banning foods and no stress! For me it was important to listen to my body and give it the foods it craved. All organic, home cooked real food. Basically that whole week everything sounded so good but I wasn't that hungry to eat much. I drank a lot of homemade bone broth (pasture raised chicken and grass-fed beef), matcha and/or turmeric lattes made with homemade almond milk, raw honey, collagen peptides, spices and ghee/coconut oil, lots of soups, apples with almond butter, tons of greens like chard, kale, beet greens, dandelion, loaded smoothies and was craving lots of fats like avocado, nuts and grass-fed beef and lamb. I also had a few treats here and there like good quality organic chocolate, dairy free ice cream, homemade paleo brownies and cookies. I just listened to my body and gave it all the calories it wanted and needed to have strength to heal. One week post surgery I started up my protocol that I created for myself weeks before surgery. I researched so much over the few months before my surgery as to why these supplements are beneficial after explant surgery. Thanks to the website and Facebook page



This group and site  gave me so much valuable information and support. I further researched on my own and compiled what I already knew to come up with my exact plan and regimen. The protocol I am writing below is what I chose and put together for myself and my own body knowing already how I react to certain things and what my body needs. What works for me may not work for you but this is my guideline that I am happy to share!

Morning upon wakening:

  • Large glass (probably about 24oz) of warm water with 1/2 lemon, 2tbsp raw organic apple cider vinegar and 1tsp of Schinoussa sea vegetables. It contains: spirulina, E3live, chlorella, blue green algae, chlorophyll and iodine. These all stimulate detoxification.
  • 2 serrapeptase capsules on empty stomach (serrapeptase is a powerful natural enzyme from silk worms. I HIGHLY recommend researching this stuff and reading more about it. It essentially breaks down scar tissue, reduces inflammation and speeds up tissue repair. I can't say enough good about this miracle enzyme.

With breakfast

  • 2 5-HTP sprays by Physica (I have been taking this for over 6 months and have noticed a huge difference in my anxiety, panic attacks and depression)
  • 5 sprays of Garden of life vitamin D (Vitamin D is essential in healing and hormones, I have always taken it and continue to do so)
  • 5 sprays of Garden of life vitamin C (Vitamin C is essential in reducing inflammation and boosting immune system)
  • 1 tsp Genestra vitamin B-complex (Again, I have been taking this for years, B vitamins are important for detoxification, nervous system and metabolism of carbohydrates)

With lunch 

  • 1 scoop AOR inositol
  • 3/4 tsp MSM powder

Both MSM and inositol initiate silicone detoxification. Inositol is often sometimes called Vitamin B8 although it is not technically a vitamin. It helps with nerve function (Much needed after explant, nerves are stretched from the implants originally being inside, once removed there is often nerve damage) MSM has so many more benefits as well like muscle pain and spasms, hair and skin growth and helps gut health issues.

With dinner 

  • 1 Enzymedica digestive enzyme (I east dinner late and often eat meat at this time so I like to help my body out with an enzyme to break down my food and absorb my nutrients)
  • 1 ATP Estro control (Implants have seriously messed up my hormonal health over the last 3 years and I suffer from high estrogen, this brand makes a great formula that effectively promotes healthy estrogen metabolism, it contains DIM and an added bonus turmeric which is amazing for inflammation too!)

At bedtime 

  • 1 Garden of life ultra 90 billion (Just a favourite brand of mine, probiotics are definitely needed for restoring the gut, and healthy gut flora) ***update*** I am now just taking a 25 billion probiotic. The 90 is very strong and potent, I only used that for a month after surgery. IMO you don't need that high of probiotics for that long of a period of time
  • 2 CanPrev 5-htp capsules (Another form of 5-htp tryptophan that has really helped with me with anxiety, depression, panic attacks and mood stabilization. It also helps me sleep better)
  • Progesterone cream (This natural bio-identical progesterone cream is made for me specially by my integrative doctor. Silicone is an endocrine disruptor and strips the body of progesterone and causes other hormonal imbalances)
  • Magnesium spray on my feet! (helps me sleep and raises cellular magnesium levels)

*I sometimes also take Aloe vera juice for digestive support on days I feel I need it, and L-Theanine for high stress days. I also take an amino acid complex when I lift heavy (which I currently not doing for a while lol)

***update*** I have slowly started incorporating weight training again! yay!!! At 14 weeks post-op.

**As you can probably notice most of what I take is in liquid form. This is for better absorption and personally preference. What I can't find in liquid I open the capsule and swish it around with water and swallow. I have tasted some nasty things but I much prefer this way and...I can't swallow pills lol.

***Once cleared to do so, I will also be taking regular epsom salts baths to stimulate detox, sauna about 4-5 times a week, hot/cold showers and dry skin brushing to promote circulation, stimulate lymphatic system and again detoxification.


I have been cleared to bath, sauna, massage, workout and all the good stuff! I have been dry brushing and having a 20-30 min sauna sessions every single day. After I shower I either massage or perform cupping on my breasts. I recently just bought this glass cupping set (I avoid plastic and silicone products) on amazon and its amazing! You can google how to do this. Its really easy and is great for breaking up scar tissue, firming skin/stretch marks, cellulite and detoxification.


Back to supplements, other than what listed I really like to get all the micro nutrients, antioxidants, minerals and anti-inflammatories from real, whole organic food. I eat a ton of ginger and turmeric for inflammation, garlic for immunity, brazil nuts for selenium, a large variety of greens and so on. Now this brings me to the next part of my detox, a LOW mycotoxin/antifunfal diet!

I am young and very healthy, I do not know for sure what my body looks like inside from having these toxic implants for three years but I do know that is never a bad idea to eat in a way that is extremely beneficial for gut health, digestion, candida, parasites, clearing brain fog and much more.

An antifungal/low mycotoxin diet is very similar to a candida diet. Fungi and yeast can become parasitic organism in our body and cause many health issues that are difficult to diagnose. Silicone implants (and saline!) are filled with toxic chemicals (picture below) your body also produces and scar capsule around you implant that is filled with the toxic chemicals from the implants that naturally leech out.

Basically what you can eat in a nutshell:

  • All grass-fed organic meats like beef, lamb, bison, pork, organic pasture raised chicken and turkey and eggs
  • All vegetables except potatoes, mushrooms, corn and beans (I will still be consuming sweet potatoes and beans like chickpeas, black beans etc occasionally)
  • Berries, apples, grapefruit, lemons and limes, avocado, tomato and coconut (all other fruits are too high in sugar) I have let pineapple slip in a few times because I believe its is so amazing for inflammation and has lots of enzymes plus I occasionally use bananas
  • All nuts and seeds except pistachios and peanuts (too high in mold)
  • Coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, ghee and butter, these are all the oils I ever consumed anyway, oils like canola, peanut, vegetable, sunflower, soy etc are all cheap and toxic oils and not allowed (ever lol)
  • I don't eat many grains to begin with but for the anti-fungal diet quinoa, buckwheat, millet, teff, arrowroot, tapioca, amaranth are all fine. Brown rice and oats are okay in moderation but not recommended because of  All gluten in all forms is not allowed. This includes spelt, wheat, barley, rye and kamut (I occasionally eat organic spelt sourdough bread found at a legit bakery. I am not sensitive to gluten what so ever and sourdough actually contains probiotics. It is fermented which means its way easier to digest and contains less gluten. The only ingredients in a properly made sourdough is different types of organic flour (look for spelt+rye), water and sea salt.
  • Dairy! The dairy products allowed are fermented products like organic greek yogurt and kefir. Sheep and goat milk products are okay in moderation too, like feta and goat cheese. Absolutely no cheeses like cheddar, blue, gouda, etc. They contain way too high of a mold content.
  • Lastly, SUGAR. You guessed it, NONE. This includes maple syrup, agave, coconut nectar, brown rice syrup, molasses, dates and all that other "healthy stuff" and the obvious cane sugar, brown sugar etc. sugar comes in many forms and is hidden in everything so read labels!

* Honey is allowed in extreme moderation, honey does have a lot of health benefits when it is raw, unpasteurized and local. I love honey and personally believe it has so many benefits. I definitely will be eating honey and using it to sweeten things if I want to make a treat!

** I forgot to mention that any vinegars are not allowed, except raw organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar is great. Vinegars form yeast and that is what you are trying to get away from! Check mustards, condiments etc because mostly all contain vinegar.

That is basically it, a real whole foods diet. It does not stray far away from how I eat normally, other than some good bread and cheese ever now and again lol and homemade treats I often make but, its good to give your body a break sometimes from these trigger foods that can cause inflammation, candida, gut issues etc in the body!

For some meal ideas and what my plates usually look like, follow my instagram page @realroots_https://www.instagram.com/realroots_/


My first post-op with my surgeon went really great. I had all of my questions answered and was told I am healing extremely well. I found out that my implants that were sent to pathology to be tested came back completely normal. Both implants were intact (which I figured anyway), everything inside looked amazing she said and that my original surgeon did a very good job putting them in and caused no damage. She did a ton of scraping to remove my scar capsules from my chest walls, ribs, collar bones etc and I had nothing of concern. She said I will heal beautifully and be back to normal in no time (yay!) I have to continue to wear a super tight sports bra and tightly wrapped tensor bandage for 6 more weeks, (2 months total.) This helps to prevent fluid accumulation in the empty pockets where the implants were, help the muscle to reform, and encourage your breasts to take shape, tighten back up and sit where you want them to 😉 I can workout lower body now and do some cardio, but absolutely no upper body lifting for 6 more weeks (just in time for the new year!!!) I am really happy with my results and thankful to be healing so well.


I wrote this post back in November but didn't end up posting it. I am now 14 weeks post-op and feelings absolutely amazing. Almost all of my nerve pain that I had (your nerves are reconnecting while you heal and may cause some discomfort but is completely normal) is gone. I am working out regularly now and have started doing some upper body work. Starting slow with lifting but overall feeling great while doing so. It will definitely take time to bench press what I used to, crank out some pushups and perfect my chaturanga again, but I am feeling positive and can't wait to get back and better than I was before.


My implants...


I wanted to pick them up from the lab after all my testing was complete just to see for myself that they were completely intact with no small holes etc. after squeezing the life out of them for myself and throwing the on the floor repetitively LOL, they were fine. When I picked them up my mom was with me, the front desk woman brought them out packaged in these containers and inside a brown paper bag. When she handed them to me I am not kidding, I actually was shocked, I stumbled forward and starting laughing and handed the bag to my mom. They are SO HEAVY. My mom right away looked at me and said "HONEY, no wonder you couldn't breath and your posture was getting so bad, OMG". I don't even have words to explain how I felt in that moment and how I still do about getting the implants taken out. I ended up weighing them and they were almost 4lbs. Doesn't seem like much, but that amount on your chest and your heart is a lot, and more then enough to pull your weight forward and cause really bad neck and back problems.

Lastly before I wrap this long post up, I just wanted to say a few words that didn't have an exact subtitle to fit in to. My post was not intended to make every woman with breast implants that reads this to immedietly panic and run to the nearest explant surgeon and get them removed. It was also not meant to change the mind of someone who wants implants. My post was made to share my story, my knowledge and to spread awareness to a subject that is not nearly spoken about enough. I also wanted to share valuable information that I think everyone should know before making such a huge life decision. Whether that be getting implants or removing them. Both can make a serious impact on your life and should be something that you are 100% sure about. No one can make your decision for you, no one is in your head and no one can feel what you feel. Some may think I am crazy for doing what I did, others may wonder how they could ever love, let alone look at there naked body again after removing what they may think is making them "beautiful" but honestly, I love my new look. Well in fact, its actually my old look. The look that I never ever should have wanted to change in the first place. But, I did and that was my choice. It was also my choice to fix it and do something about it. Rather than feel sorry for myself and sulk about how young and stupid I was for doing such an awful thing to my body, I have turned my so called "mistake" into personal growth. This journey has changed my life for the better. I can't go back in time and change what happened, and I honestly don't want to. Yes, I went through a lot of physical and mental pain, suffering, insecurities and have some gnarly scars. But, I also now have a story that can possibly help someone. I hope my post encourages women to take control of their health, become more in tune with their bodies and really think twice before making a huge decision that can really impact your life!


I can’t believe that April 30th was exactly 6 months post op of my surgery. Time has flown by so fast. I am for the most part feeling pretty great and have healed just as I had hoped I would. I really believe that spending 4 months living in Sweden has something to do with my amazing recovery. From just before Christmas until mid April I was lucky enough to spend 4 months living in pretty much pure winter wonderland bliss and loathing in self care. My mornings (when not working) pretty much looked like: sleeping in till 9, sipping on 32oz of warm lemon and acv water, a self taught hot yoga session followed by a 15-20 minute sauna, dry brushing, hot/cold shower, cupping, self-massage, a big and nourishing lunch and a afternoon walk. I journaled, I read, I walked, I practiced yoga, I cooked a ton and I healed. I missed my family and I felt alone at times but it was all worth it. I really believe I healed so well because I dedicated so much of my time to myself and allowing my body to heal.

As for my symptoms prior to removal I would say they are about 80% gone.

Symptoms that have cleared completely or almost completely:

Difficulty breathing - I no longer feel like i have a ton of bricks on my chest, I can actually take deep long breaths and feel like I am getting so much more air.
Heart palpitations and anxiety -
Cold hands and feet, numbness down arms
Ear ringing and eye twitches
Inflammation, bloating
Stabbing heart pains
Constipation and digestive issues
Upper back and neck pain + shoulder rounding
Funny metallic taste is mouth
Brain fog, trouble concentrating and memory loss

The only symptoms I am still severely suffering from is hormonal issues. I still have a loss of my period, low progesterone and all the other issues that come with hormonal imbalances. I’ve seen naturopathic doctors, my western medicine family doctor, have been tested for PCOS, have had so much blood work, tried natural progesterone cream, acupuncture, vitex, I take extra vitamin b6 for progesterone production, adaptogens for hormonal support+regulation and eat a super clean hormonal friendly diet. Not saying these methods don’t work, they do and have helped my tremendously but none have successful 100% healed me, yet. I am not giving up but I am getting extremely frustrated. As i mentioned before, silicone leaches progesterone from the body and can have a major impact on hormones. I am determined to keep trying and remembering that natural methods take time. Patience!

Lastly, looks wise..

because I know this is the burning question many women are probably thinking and most concerned about if they were to go forward with explant surgery. “What am I going to look like?” Well, my boobs look great. They look almost exactly the same as they did before surgery. In my opinion, they look even better because of the way I perceive myself now. I was hesitant to post these photos below but I want to be real and honest with everyone who reads this. I love my real boobs. I feel less heavy and bulky, I have better posture and I actually walk around proud now. I can finally fit into the things I missed being able to wear that I wore prior to my augmentation. If the only thing keeping you from removing your implants is vanity, then let me tell you that if I could do it then so can you. Take control of your health and own the body you were given, because it is beautiful. No “look” is worth a life of pain, sickness and suffering.


Top Left: 2 days before augmentation - November 2014 - 19 years old

Top Right: 2 days BEFORE explant - October 2017 - 22 years old (looking at these side by side you can see how inflamed and puffy my body was with the implants)

Bottom Left: 2 days AFTER explant (I did NOT have a lift or fat transfer) (was very swollen and sore here)

Bottom Right: 3 months after explant (my boobs look a little bigger now than before my augmentation. I was only 19 when I got them and I don't think I was even fully developed yet. Or it could be because I have gained about 5 pounds since I was 19)

Everyones result are different, these were mine and I couldn't be happier.

Ashley xx



24 thoughts on “Why I got my breast implants REMOVED”

      1. Hello Ashley:

        My wife is having many of the same issues that you did with implants. We both have suffered from a low nearly nonexistant libido for a long time. We are now going to schedule a consult and set a date for surgery. My question is did your libedo come back after explanation? If so, did it increase by a percentage that you could “feel”? This is simply not about just sex but all the other health issues that can interfere with a healthy love life with my wife whom I love and adore. Thank you for any feedback you can give us. Thank you for story, so brave of you. Will you email me with any info we may look forward to? Thank you!
        Sincerely, James

  1. Thank you so much for sharing. I want to explant so much. Your health protocol after surgery is extremely helpful. Thank you!!!!

  2. Hi Ashley,

    Thanks so much for sharing. They look even better than before. I’m also from Toronto and wanting to explant. Do you mind sharing who was your surgeon?

    Thanks again.

    1. Hi there! You are so welcome, and thank you! My surgeon was Dr. Petra Schiller. She is recommended on the list of explant surgeons and is also covered by OHIP. Best of luck to you 🙂

    1. Hi there Marilyn. I am not a doctor but I personally do not like to take anything 2 weeks prior to surgery just incase. Some herbs and supplements react with certain medications. Do some research maybe. Best of luck to you!

  3. When we’re you cleared to start cupping? I’m 3 weeks post explant, my PS wasn’t familiar with cupping and couldn’t guide me. I have an adhesion I’m hoping will release with cupping.

    1. Hi Heather. I asked my surgeon at my first post-op and she told me to start massaging/performing lymphatic drainage massage 4 weeks post-op. I didn’t ask about cupping because essentially all it is is actually lymphatic drainage anyway. I would say it is safe 1 month post op. I am not a doctor though so be sure to ask your surgeon. I just went with what I felt right and what I read online. I hope this helps.

  4. Omg thank you soo much for this feedback, I’m also geting my explant out 1 months time. due to i realised past 9 years it made my immune system very low and then 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma Cancer, which i recovered from but emotionally scared yet strong will to fight what i started. like you said we gain personal growth in this journey. your boob really helped me get a better vision how my boobs will look like post surgery , I think i was 34B went to 34DD 😛 makes you feel like a big mamma and natural boobs even smaller makes you feel more youthful. So Thank you again, I be following your post from now on to help me fight my journey too xx (wardah from Uk)

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